Woman set on fire in Tonawanda remains in critical condition

Jessica Cameron

25-year-old Jessica Cameron remains in critical condition at ECMC’s burn unit, after police say her boyfriend lit her on fire. 

The City of Tonawanda Police Department and the Erie County District Attorney’s Office are currently investigating. 

The incident happened Monday afternoon at the Tim Hortons on Niagara and Seymour Streets.

Cameron has worked at the coffee shop for several years. 

“Everyone’s devastated. Everyone’s very close to her, we’re like a family,” says Cameron’s manager Colleen Curtis. 

According to police, the mother of three’s boyfriend called her out to the dumpster area of the restaurant. According to police, the 28-year-old suspect then threw a flammable liquid on Cameron, and badly burned himself in the process. 

“They used fire extinguishers to put them out. And the male did make a comment to the officers when they put him the ambulance, ‘yeah I caught her on fire, arrest me,’ said City of Tonawanda Police Capt. Fredric Foels. 

The 28-year-old suspect is also at ECMC, with burns so bad police are having a hard time speaking to both him and Cameron. 

“His intent was to start his girlfriend on fire and somehow the fire came back at him and caught him on fire too,” Capt. Foels told News 4. 

Cameron’s coworkers say they’re shocked. They also know the suspect, who has not yet been identified. 

“He actually does our truck,” Tim Hortons Assistant Manager Kassandra Kern sa tells News 4.

“When you have a conversation with him, you would have never thought anything of this. We had no idea. We knew they were having a little problems or whatever but we had no idea the severity of it.”

Police say the couple, who share children together, was involved in an ongoing custody dispute. 

The suspect could be facing an Attempted Murder charge according to Capt. Foels, however no charges have been filed at this time. 

Tim Horton’s staff are hoping for Cameron’s recovery. 

They’ve put out a donation box for the veteran employee. 

“A lot of people know her that come here. She’s been here for so long a lot of the regulars would probably want to help her,” Curtis says. 

Cameron’s three children are in the care of her family.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up for Cameron and her family.

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