Canadian Nuclear Power Plant Alert Sent Accidentally


(WIVB)–Canadian officials say a nuclear power plant emergency alert was sent out by mistake Sunday. The alert was sent out by the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station in Ontario.

Two hours later the Ontario Power Generation Company sent a second message saying there was not an event and there was no danger to the public or the environment. Pickering’s mayor Dave Rylan says he wants to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

“This has a huge impact on our community as a whole. The obvious anxiety that is uncalled for and I want to know how it happened. And I wonder what’s going to be done to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.”

News 4 spoke with a person who received the alert. Mark Harris from Michigan was in Ontario for a hockey tournament. Harris says he is staying in a hotel near the plant and that the alert woke him up.

” To look at your phone and read that there is a nuclear situation at the local nuclear power plant in your area. And you are close enough to receive this alert. It wasn’t like it was a false alarm or text. It was getting ready and take action. That’s the first thought. Get out of the area. You know, how does this happen. Did a retaliation terrorist attack. You know, all kinds of thoughts are going through your head.”

The Pickering Nuclear Generating Station is about 30 miles east of Toronto.
It has six nuclear reactors and creates about 14-percent of the electricity for Ontario.

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