Young bald eagle in critical condition after striking downtown building


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – A young bald eagle is in critical condition after striking a downtown building window 30 feet in the air on Monday.

It was discovered struggling on the sidewalk by Buffalo Police Detective Mark Costantino and Officer David O’Brien after they heard a large crash outside of their offices at Court and Franklin Streets in Buffalo.

Photo courtesy of Buffalo Police Detective Mark Costantino

The first-year eagle is being treated at the Wildlife Department of the SPCA Serving Erie County for a severely fractured femur, according to Because the eagle is so young, it doesn’t yet have the distinctive white feathers on its head.

Its likelihood of survival isn’t clear at this time.

“We are doing everything we can for this magnificent bird, considering its compromised state at the moment,” said Wildlife Director Barbara Haney. “We’re careful not to provide any solid prognosis at this time because the bird is still in critical condition and the outcome is uncertain.”

If the bird survives and responds to the supportive care, fluids, and medications it is receiving at the SPCA, the SPCA hopes that Cornell University’s Wildlife Health Center will be able to accept it for surgery.


The SPCA will be posting updates on the eagle here.

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