Neighbors on Zimmerman Road in the Town of Boston are asking for answers after continuous flooding. 

Scott Cavarello and his wife tell News 4, they noticed the water in front of their house start to pool last year, and then about six weeks ago, it got a lot worse. 

“So now the water is cresting the road, and going to the other side because the water has no place to go,” he said. 

Cavarello is worried about the drivers on Zimmerman Road, especially at night. 

“I think there could be a potential accident,” he said. 

He’s also nervous about the trees in his front yard, which have been water logged for weeks. 

Erie County maintains the road, and did come out to put signs up, warning drivers of the water. Bill Geary, the Erie County Public Works Commissioner, tells News 4, there’s likely a garbage can lid, milk jug, or other debris that’s caught and the water can’t drain. But he said his crews can’t do much until the ground thaws out. 

“The machine that we have to use is a sewer jet — it uses high-pressure water to blast through that line, but the temperatures have to be above freezing,” 

Some good news for the neighbors though, Geary said he plans to get crews out to that area this weekend, or early next week to inspect and work on fixing the issue.