What is Secret Santa?

Playing Secret Santa is a great office morale booster. It helps create a festive holiday atmosphere without excluding anyone. Though the specifics vary from office to office, the essence of the game remains the same: gift givers are randomly assigned to recipients. The challenge is to get something suitable for someone you might not know very well.

Secret Santa gift ideas for someone you don’t know

Best Totally Bamboo 3-Piece Bamboo Flatware Set

Totally Bamboo 3-Piece Bamboo Flatware Set

This is a reusable earth-friendly fork, knife and spoon set made from bamboo. Anyone who uses utensils to eat a meal could benefit from this thoughtful gift. Sold by Amazon

Vegan Leather Journal

DesignWorks Ink Vegan Leather Journal

Ideally, this beautiful, 192-page burnished leatherette journal with gold foil and a ribbon marker can be used to write down dreams, thoughts and goals. However, it can also be used to create to-do lists, jot down recipes or log anything you desire. Sold by Target

Best Amish Country Popcorn

Amish Country Popcorn

Your recipient will love this low-calorie, nut-free snack. The kit includes baby white, red, extra large caramel, purple, and mushroom popping corn. Sold by Amazon

Best Zippo 12-Hour Hand Warmer

Zippo 12-Hour Hand Warmer

When it gets cold, blood flows to the vital organs, making hands cold and unusable. A thoughtful Zippo hand warmer offers flameless odor-free warmth that lasts for up to 12 hours. Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods and Amazon

Best Oppenheimer USA Disposable Charcoal Grill

Oppenheimer USA Disposable Charcoal Grill

This disposable on-the-go grill is ready to cook in 15 minutes and lasts for up to 1.5 hours. It is ideal for a camper or anyone who just wants to enjoy a cleanup-free meal cooked over charcoal. Sold by Amazon

Best PopSocket


The PopSocket is a game-changing device for anyone who uses a phone. It not only gives you a secure, one-handed, anti-drop grip, but it also serves as a prop that holds your phone up so it is easy to view. Sold by Best Buy and Amazon

Best Bonsai Tree Kit

Home Grown Bonsai Tree Kit

Growing a Bonsai tree is a stress-relieving and rewarding hobby. This set comes with everything needed to grow up to four miniature trees. Sold by Amazon

Best Burt's Bees Assorted Balm Pack

Burt’s Bees Assorted Balm Pack

The one bad part about the holiday season is the dry winter air causes painful cracked lips. This set of four soothing Burt’s Bees lip balms will be warmly welcomed by anyone who receives it. Sold by Amazon and Ulta Beauty

Best Throw Throw Burrito by Exploding Kittens

Throw Throw Burrito by Exploding Kittens

Part card game, part dodgeball, Throw Throw Burrito is a fun game that’s suitable for all ages. The quick gameplay time makes this a highly addictive activity.  Sold by Amazon and Target

Best Talking Tire Gauge

Talking Tire Gauge

When your tire is low on air, it can be frustrating trying to see the little metallic gauge so you can get an accurate reading. This innovative gift makes getting a precise reading easier than ever before. Sold by Kohl’s

Best Holiday Hot Chocolate Drink Bomb Set

Holiday Hot Chocolate Drink Bomb Set

Fizzy bombs aren’t just for baths anymore. Drop one of these into your favorite mug of hot milk and have an explosion of flavor and marshmallows that’s perfect for the season.  Sold by Target

Best Tovolo Golf Ball Ice Molds

Tovolo Golf Ball Ice Molds

Did you draw a coworker who plays golf? This set creates three 2.5-inch golf balls that are made of ice. Now your recipient can chill their beverage of choice in style. Sold by Golf Galaxy

Best Chia Pet Bob Ross

Chia Pet Bob Ross

Bob Ross is a national treasure. This chia pet likeness will be fully grown in a couple of weeks. It can be washed and replanted indefinitely for a gift that never stops giving. Sold by Amazon

Best Solar Outdoor Changing Color LED Hummingbird Wind Chime

Solar Outdoor Changing Color LED Hummingbird Wind Chime

This lighted outside ornament can be used all year long. The hummingbirds charge throughout the day, then alternate between several relaxing colors throughout the night. Sold by Home Depot

Best Insignia Mini Sonic Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Insignia Mini Sonic Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The recipient of this gift will be the life of any party. This speaker quickly pairs with any smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth-enabled device to provide up to 23 hours of music. Sold by Best Buy

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