BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Across the country, more than 3,500 flights were canceled over the past few days, and thousands more were delayed.

This comes just before the spring break travel season.

Local travelers are concerned about the delays and cancellations happening at Florida airports and other popular vacation destinations.

Keri Hooven was supposed to wrap up her vacation in Fort Lauderdale Saturday night.

“We got a notification that our flight was delayed four hours,” she said. “As we were waiting in line they cancelled our flight. So while we were in line Jet Blue rebooked us and we were supposed to fly out two days ago and we got another notification that that flight got cancelled.”

They just got rebooked again for Wednesday night.

This happened to thousands more people over the weekend.

“Initially it’s weather and when weather goes in certain areas there’s definitely a ripple effect. There was a lot of bad weather Friday night and Saturday in central Florida and that actually put a lot of airlines in delays. Once lightning strikes at an airport they have to shut down all the ramps,” said AAA director of travel Brian Murray.

He said flights are full for the next three weeks as we get closer to spring break. So could this continue into people’s holiday travel plans?

“It really is dependent on the weather,” Murray said. “They technically don’t have control of the weather, it’s hard to say.”

He suggests getting to the airport early and signing up for text alerts from the airline. He said if your flight is canceled, you’re entitled to a refund. If there’s a better flight through a different airline, take the refund and use it to book elsewhere.

Hooven also says to make sure you have actual seat numbers on any rescheduled flights.

“We’re hoping that we will make it home on Wednesday, it’s been one of those things where vacation was great but it starts to get a little bit expensive and you’re ready to just kind of get home.”

While different airlines cited different reasons for the issues, several noted weather and airspace congestion as part of the reason.

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