1-on-1 with QB Coach Ken Dorsey


Josh Reed: You know, you come from Carolina where you spent several years with Cam Newton and everyone wants to draw the comparison between Cam and Josh.  Is it fair and do you see it in any aspects of their game?

Ken Dorsey: “We’ll, obviously when you see them play there are similarities but they’re two different guys.  They’re very different in a lot of ways — good bad or indifferent.  It’s comparing apples to oranges at times.  Every guy learns different, every guy plays different and every guy executes different, so, that’s the exciting part about working with Josh is that he’s obviously exceptionally talented but so underrated from what he brings from a mental standpoint.

Josh Reed: Outside of Dion Dawkins, LeSean McCoy and Zay Jones, it’s a completely new cast for Josh.  How’s he kind of been able to handle that?

Ken Dorsey: “You know, last year to this year with us in Buffalo, there’s so many new pieces so it’s just coming together and trusting that process.  The thing you have to be most cognizant of if you’re a quarterback is not getting frustrated every play isn’t perfect, if every pas isn’t perfect because there is that chemistry that needs to be built and, for a young quarterback in this league, reps is the most important thing you can have.”

Josh Reed: You’ve been out there. You’ve been between the lines, you’ve seen things that unless you’ve been in the fire, they haven’t seen it.  How much does that help you in coaching Josh?

Ken Dorsey: “I think it does help and I think having that checks and balances with me playing and (Brian Daboll) coaching 300 years of football now, that helps, having those experiences.  Everything Dabs has seen from coaching, all the plays he’s coached, all the guys he’s coached, from quarterbacks, tight ends to receivers, that experience all comes together. Because, sometimes as a quarterback you’re like ‘get there,’ but seeing it from Dabs perspective and a playing perspective helps a lot.

Josh Reed: Finally, I have to ask you about number 20.  He is a guy that you go way back with to when you were both Miami Hurricanes, is it amazing that he’s out here still able to do things?

Ken Dorsey: “I can remember playing one his first games against West Virginia, I hand the ball off to him and I look back and this is going to be a negative run and there’s nothing there.  And, all the sudden he finds the smallest crease you’ve ever seen in your life and he’s off for 40 or 50 yards and he’s still doing the same thing.  His experience is invaluable to this team.  We’re really lucky we have a very good stable of backs and it’s a lot of fun to watch that competition unfold.”

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