LANCASTER, N.Y. (WIVB) — In his junior campaign, Lancaster running back Micah Harry was a do-it-all guy for the Legends, running for 1,375 yards with 19 touchdowns, as well as catching 15 passes for 228 yards and three touchdowns through the air.

He was a key part of the offense last season, and is ready to take on an even bigger role in his senior year.

“We’re definitely going to run the ball, there’s no doubt about that,” Micah Harry said. “That’s something that we do and we do it well, and we’re going to continue to do it good if we execute, which we plan on doing. We plan on passing, spreading the ball around, and scoring touchdowns. That’s the plan. Getting stops, winning games, and having fun. That’s what it’s about.”

“I think there’s a couple things that make Micah a special player. First of all is his vision, with our scheme we don’t really designate a hole for the running backs to run through, he picks his own spot based on what the defense is doing, and his vision is incredible,” Lancaster head coach Eric Rupp said. “He’s really shifty, he can usually make the first defender miss. He’s just got a little wiggle about him that it’s really tough to get a real square shot on him. He’s just a really tough runner. I think he gets a lot of that from wrestling, he’s one of the top kids in Western New York in his weight class, but he’s got a lot of heart for sure.”

Last season, the Legends came up just short in the AA Section VI championship, falling to eventual state-runner up Bennett 14-10 in the title game at Highmark Stadium. Losses like that are always motivators, and Lancaster has been putting in the work ever since that snowy November day so that they can come out on top of the Section this year.

“You don’t want to dwell on the past, we definitely don’t want to erase it, it happened because that’s how that situation was supposed to meant to go down,” Harry said. “We learned from it, we’re going to work, and we’ll be back. We held ourselves accountable, and we’re here right now putting in the work with these guys, so that when they’re up here they can do the same thing and put in the work so that they can get to where we will and want to be.”

As he gets ready for his final year in a Lancaster jersey, Micah has been ready to savor every last moment of this upcoming football season.

“I think the biggest thing I’ve learned is that this goes by way faster than you would ever want it to,” Harry said. “I remember being a sophomore on varsity not too long ago because of COVID, and it feels like it was yesterday. Now that I’m here right now, it really makes you look at the bigger picture. You really do want to put in the work for your teammates and for these guys and the community because you can’t be here your whole life, you only get a few chances at this, so it’s just more motivation to go hard every single day.”