Football is a family business for Alec Lindstrom. The center from Boston College is following in his brother’s footsteps, Chris, who is a guard for the Atlanta Falcons.

“I really leaned on my brother but guys like the center before Jon Baker, he was a smaller guy and he really showed me the way like hey you really have to learn the mental aspect of the game and it can really take you places that you wouldn’t think,” Alec Lindstrom said.

A lot of times, offensive lineman will stress their physical attributes when speaking at the combine, but Alec is quick to point out his intelligence and how it helps him on the field.

“I’ve been telling teams, ‘Go ahead and give me a test of what’s this defense or install play,’ that’s what I love. I think it’s fine to learn plays, install plays and learn that side of the game. ‘Why is the defense doing this and for what reason?’ I think that’s what helps me, and using the leverage of the play where the ball is going, those smart things,” Lindstrom said.

“I’m not gonna take a 350 pound guy and take him 3 yards off, they’re way bigger and way stronger, but if I can get a move and use the thought process of it rather than the smashing of it to my advantage, that’s what I’m gonna do and I think that’s where I make success.”

The biggest knock on Lindstrom is lack of size and how that will translate to the next level, but the 3-year starter at Boston College believes he’s versatile enough to play in different blocking schemes.

“I can do those zone schemes with my athleticism and my speed and my knowledge, or if I position myself here and there,” Lindstrom said. “I’m a pretty strong guy, so the power scheme to so I can do whatever you ask me to do at a high-level.”

Lindstrom is projected to be a day 3 draft pick.