30 in 30: Dallas Goedert


South Dakota State’s Dallas Goedert isn’t short on confidence

“It is a pretty good tight end class coming out this year, and I know I’m the number one tight end.”

How could he be after being named in honor of the Dallas Cowboys?  And, with his blend of size, speed and athleticism – Goedert could be a future star at the position.

“Being able to be a three down tight end, there’s not a lot of those coming out so I think I have the best opportunity to do that,” he said.  “And, in the pass game, I think I’m better than anyone here, creating separation, making contested catches, and making the one-handed catches not a lot of people can make.”

But, while Goedert showed off his playing making ability with the Jackrabbits, finishing his career 3rd all-time in receptions and 4th in receiving yards, he did it against lesser competition in the FCS.  He knows things won’t come as easy in the NFL and he’s committed to perfecting his craft.

“Whether it’s cleaning up my routes, an out-breaking route may look like an in breaking route, you know so the defense don’t know what I’m doing. And then, obviously, I need to work on my run blocking, my pass blocking – didn’t do a lot of pass blocking at school so I plan on playing every single down and I’m going to need to work on all aspects of my game.”

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