Part of our News 4 Sports 30-in-30 series taking a look at 30 prospects in this year’s NFL Draft.

“Be the hammer not the nail you don’t ever see the hammer broke up you’ll see the nail bent.”

Dameon Pierce doesn’t shy away from contact. In fact, the running back from Florida invites it.

If you’re seen the video of him blocking at the Senior Bowl you’ll know what I mean. That video went viral and he had a funny response when about it at the NFL combine.

“You know that stuff is social media anything can go viral, a cat sitting on a doughnut in a pool can go viral. I probably had a bit more attention for like three days but it wasn’t anything crazy,” Pierce said.

Pierce had 16 touchdowns last season. One scout said watching Pierce play the game like a coiled spring ready to explode. Dameon is built to run the ball and pass block at the next level and he has the perfect mindset as well.

“It’s really just willingness, your willingness as a pass protector and a runner get the gritty yards. Not everybody wants to get the gritty yards, everybody wants to make everything look pretty. That’s not the case all the time. There’s a time to be pretty and a time to be rough and gritty,” Pierce explained.

Pierce is projected to be a third round draft pick.