Part of our News 4 Sports 30-in-30 series taking a look at 30 prospects in this year’s NFL Draft.

“I think I’m the best edge rusher in this draft.”

Confidence is not an issue for Jermaine Johnson and when watch what he did last season at Florida State it’s easy to see why.

The edge rusher racked up 12 sacks and was named the ACC Defensive Player of the Year.

“I do everything exceptionally well I play the run as well as I play the pass and nobody in this class does that like I do,” Johnson said at the NFL Combine.

Jermaine’s college career made several stops on the way to the draft. He started at Independence Community College, then went to Georgia and finally, Tallahassee. He found a home at Florida State and flourished in 2021.

Is he a one hit wonder or was last season the start of something special?

“I think the only question mark on me is that I’ve had just this past year of one solid year of production but I think if I would have had the same snaps before I would have done the same thing. If I would have done it two years consecutive I don’t think it would be a question,” Johnson explained.

Johnson wants to follow in the footsteps of the other elite pass rushers in the NFL.

“Miles Garrett and Khalil Mack, I like Aaron Donald obviously as well just mindset purposes people fear them and that’s what I want to be at the next level I want to be feared,” Johnson said.

Jermaine Johnson is projected to be a first round draft pick.