Part of our News 4 Sports 30-in-30 series taking a look at 30 prospects in this year’s NFL Draft.

If you’re looking for a tight end prospect with big stats then Jeremy Ruckert isn’t your guy but that doesn’t mean he’s not capable. Ohio State has two of the top wide receivers in the draft so Ruckert didn’t get a lot of targets.

“Everyone sees your numbers, what you’ve done on the field they raise those questions but at the end of the day what you see on tape how do you play in your mindset my God-given ability I don’t think they’re questioning that,” Ruckert said at the NFL Combine.

Ruckert played wide receiver in high school and switched positions when he landed in Columbus.

“That was the biggest decision for me going to Ohio State. I wanted to be that complete guy, I wanted to adapt to that toughness in their culture,” Ruckert explained.

“I think looking back to when I got on campus to where I am now I’m going to do whatever it takes to win, whatever it takes for the team to do whatever the job is a tight end I’m going to do it. I’m not gonna just try to check the box I’m gonna try to get after people and do the job the right way whatever the team needed me to do whatever job you need is a tight end I’m gonna be able to do it.”

Ruckert’s college stats and path to the NFL aren’t that different from current Bills tight end Dawson Knox and that’s worked out nicely. Jeremy says he’s familiar with the Bills.

“Some of my friends back home are Bills fans, I’m from Long Island a little bit south of that pretty good trip away but it’s the only team in New York. A lot of other people back home have a sense of pride and that watching Josh Allen his special he plays quarterback like a tight end and it’s pretty cool to watch that,” Ruckert said.

Ruckert is projected to be a second round draft pick.