Part of our News 4 Sports 30-in-30 series taking a look at the top 30 prospects in this year’s NFL Draft.

Ohio State’s Garrett Wilson is one of the most dynamic wide receivers in the NFL draft.

Wilson hauled in 70 catches, for over 1,000 yards and 12 touchdowns last season. His ability to make contested catches, break tackles and pick up yards after the catch separates him from some of the other wide outs in this draft class

“I feel like I do a good job of going up and getting the 50-50 ball. I play bigger than my size, I play with a whole lot of passion, you can see the competitiveness and the passion pour out of me when I’m on the field,” Wilson said at NFL Combine.

Over the last few seasons, we’ve seen rookie wide receivers step in and make a big impact. NFL teams are looking for the next Jamar Chase and Justin Jefferson.

“I feel like I can be one of those dudes that’s one of the next one of those guys. They have a big roll their rookie season and play a big role in their team and improving watching that that’s what I want to be that’s what I’m gonna train to be that’s the goal,” Wilson explained.

“Up until probably the last five years receiver was a little undervalued but if you have playmakers out on the edge people can’t really match up with that and you can see that with a lot of good teams in the league. I feel like somebody can always use another good receivers.”

Wilson studies a lot different NFL receivers including Stefon Diggs and would welcome the opportunity to play with Josh Allen.

“He’s a special talent probably one of the top two quarterbacks in the league. Being receiver that’s something you wanna have for sure Josh Allen would be top-notch when it comes to that,” Wilson said.

Wilson, Diggs, and Gabe Davis. I’m pretty sure Josh Allen wouldn’t object. Wilson is projected to be a first round pick in the upcoming draft.