Part of our News 4 Sports 30-in-30 series taking a look at 30 prospects in this year’s NFL Draft.

Trent McDuffie was a three-year starter in the Washington Huskies secondary.

He is one of the most versatile cornerbacks in the draft with the ability to excel in man-to-man and zone schemes. McDuffie isn’t concerned about when or where he’s taken in the draft.

“Whatever team gets me and they utilize me in many different ways I’m not worried about first, second or third. I just wanna be on a team and I want to be able to showcase that to all the coaches and just gain the trust between my teammates because at the end of the day the biggest part about being out there is for the other ten guys on the field to trust that I can do my job,” McDuffie said at the NFL Combine.

McDuffie is a little undersized but he plays with an edge, fearlessness, and toughness that NFL scouts praise.

“I play as if I’m a linebacker, a defender I can tackle, I want to tackle, I love to tackle, I love to get in the mix, I love to be in the box. I was telling coaches all the time put me at safety let me just go run the alley, let me go take all these lineman and I’m a competitor,” McDuffie said.

“I love to compete and at the end of the day I wanna win. That’s why I play football to win games and that’s what I’m trying to do when I go to the NFL and help these organizations go to the Super Bowl.”

McDuffie is expected to hear his name called late in the first round or early in the second round.