4 Notable Quotes: Bills GM Brandon Beane’s 1-on-1 with News 4


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — The NFL Draft is tonight. The Bills have the 30th overall pick. On the eve of the draft, Sports Director Josh Reed talked to Brandon Beane. The Bills GM discussed “sleep good at night” picks,  keeping an eye on the AFC East, and more. Here are 4 notable quotes from their conversation:

On chasing the Chiefs while keeping a close on the AFC East teams in the rearview:

Brandon Beane: You’ve got to get out of your division before the Chiefs ever come into play. You definitely have to pay attention to what New England, Miami and the Jets have done this year. It’s going to be a much tougher division than it was last year. These guys have all made some really good additions and all had a pretty good amount of cap space they’ve taken advantage of. Miami has got a lot of pics, the Jets have a lot of pics and New England is picking higher than they’ve picked in years so I think all of those teams are going to have more opportunities to improve their rosters than we do which is hard but that’s part of where we’re at and where they are. We’ve got to make sure we can win the division but you definitely do look at that team(Chiefs) like so many teams for years looked at New England. Kansas City has kind of assumed that role the last few years. I’m sure not only us but a lot of teams are also comparing themselves and their roster and how they would match up should they play them some point in the postseason.

On teams calling about a potential trade for the 30th pick:

BB: Some teams will reach out and say hey I’d be interested or I might have an interest in coming back into the round late. Their thought is getting a second player with the fifth year option especially if it’s a premium position, a quarterback, a pass rusher, a left tackle. I think some of those conversations will continue to happen but most of that will pick up when you get in the 20’s in the draft when they see who is still on the board. I’ll talk to a lot of teams and I already have. There’s already a team that’s called and said hey we might have an interest in coming back up from the second round to the end of the first if our guy would be there. They’re probably calling three or four other teams to so it doesn’t mean it will be with us. We haven’t even talk parameters, it’s just more hey if there’s an interest on your part don’t forget to call us and we may do the same.

On the few draft picks prior to being on the clock and the challenge of being patient:

BB: That’s where you can get over aggressive and listen I’m my own worst enemy sometimes. I can be aggressive but I still believe firmly that if there’s a guy there and he’s clearly out of my board and we are convicted as a group, coaches, scouts and anyone who invested the time to learn who this player is and were convicted on his vision, if it’s checking a lot of boxes those are the sleep good at night picks. I’d rather give up a little bit and know I got that player than to be dejected and now I’m not as thrilled with the guy I got or try to trade out. We will try to be patient, sometimes you’re forced to be patient when there’s good players on the board and teams don’t necessarily want to move back.

On seeing a player they covet side down the board:

BB: You’re trying to look at the teams that are in front of you as we get closer especially if this player is 7, 8 picks away. You’re going alright what’s the world, what’s the media, what’s the people following this team saying they’re gonna take and then what’s the odds, what’s their depth at this position? Then you start assessing– ok this team is two in front of us and this is a big need for them, should we try and jump in front of them? How bad do we want this guy? How much do we think he’s gonna help us not only this year…It’s short term and long term.

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