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The search for consistency on offense continued during Sunday’s win over the Dolphins. The Bills were able to move the ball in the first half but failed to finish the drives with anything more than 3 field goals. Offensive coordinator Brian Daboll met with the media on Monday. Here are 4 notable quotes from his press conference:

Q: Two-part question here. First, do you believe that players can have a “clutch gene,” and if so, does Josh [Allen] have that, with the way he’s been playing late in games?
A: To answer your first question, I think there’s guys that definitely rise up, and Josh has done a good job to this point in his young career of being able to respond in adverse situations. Long way to go, but I think his preparation and his work ethic leads to some of those things that happen later on in games, whether it be the fourth quarter, or the second half. He’s a young player that prepares himself well, and when he’s put in the moment, he’s done a good job of executing.

Q: Since you know what the checks are and we don’t, how has he [Allen] done in handling some of what he’s seen out there so far this season and getting you guys to the right play, or the better play?
A: He’s done well. Again, he has a firm grasp of what we’d like to accomplish. I’d say on that pass to Duke Williams, he did a good job. We were going up tempo, and he saw a pressure look coming from the weak side, made a read, identification of a backer, put us into a good protection, had some pressure in his face, did a good job with his feet, stood in the pocket, had some good arc and pace on his throw over the top to Duke. It was a good example of what he needs to do and what helps our offense.

Q: Lots of yards but not a lot of points. What concerns do you have over the lack of production?
A: Well, you always want to finish with touchdowns, that’s the goal of every offense. So, we had some objectives that we really focused on during the bye week. One was to try to score points in the beginning of the first half and the beginning of the second half; we were 10 points out of the 14. We got put in some third-and-longs, right there in the fringe, a third and 10 and the third and 11, which are always hard to convert, regardless, particularly when you have less space. The Dolphins did a good job on the one where we had the free runner through the middle, and I thought Josh did a nice job of throwing the football away to keep us in an opportunity to score three points there. Third and 11 we threw a little slip screen to Isaiah [McKenzie], that they did a nice job of defending. That’s the game right there, you have to try to skip those third downs, keep it to third and manageable. Third down and long, regardless of where you are on the field, is tough, so it’s something we’ll just keep working on.

Q: What can you point to as reasons for why Josh hasn’t really been able to hit on those long, deep balls?
A: It’s something we’re working on. We had a few yesterday, one was a little roll out there and it was just a tiny bit of pressure on his face, and he launched that thing pretty good to Dre [Andre Roberts]. Again, those are a small percentage of the plays you call, and our repetitions, we’ll just keep working at it with those guys, skill guys, line, Josh. We’ll just keep hammering away at it.

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