4 Notable Quotes: Emmanuel Sanders


Emmanuel Sanders addresses the media for the first time since joining the Buffalo Bills.

New Bills wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders spoke to the media for the first time since joining the team. Sanders shared his thoughts on playing in the Bills high-powered offense, Josh Allen’s big arm, Brian Daboll’s big brain, and more.

On joining one of the highest scoring offenses in the NFL:

Emmanuel Sanders: I used to sit on my off days, on a Tuesday, I would grab my iPad and watch the Buffalo Bills offense on my iPad, the coaches film. I watched the routes that they’re running and seeing Josh run around and rip the ball 60 yards down the field or 50 yards down the field, It’s just exciting to watch. It’s a reason why everybody is starting to talk about the Bills because they’re gaining traction, it’s fun to watch. It’s one of the reasons I joined.

On Josh Allen:

ES: He is not just the typical stand in the pocket delivery. It’s fun to watch that Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson type, the play is never over. I think that’s the way that the NFL is starting to go. You have to have some type of dynamic ability about you in terms of how you escape the pocket and how you can deliver and throw the ball. It reminds me of Big Ben (Roethlisberger). When I played with Ben even though you come out of your route and the ball might not be there you stay on the move because you never know. You have to keep your eyes ready and locked on the quarterback. That drives the other team and the defensive coordinator crazy.

On meeting offensive coordinator Brian Daboll:

ES: I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with him last night. We sat up and talked a ball for about an hour, actually we talked ball for about 20 minutes and we talked about life for about 40 minutes. I love that dude already. He keeps it real he keeps it 100 with me. He told me about his background, I told him about my background and we just got a feel for each other. He’s one of those guys that I know that I’m going to look forward to playing for. We started talking X’s & O’s and how he’s put certain routes in, certain option routes and different stuff. The way that he uses (Cole) Beasley and the way that he uses (Stefon) Diggs, the way that he uses Josh. That’s what really got me excited.

On battling the Bills secondary during upcoming practices:

ES: I’m a big believer in iron sharpens iron. We’ll both make each other better. I remember in 2015, I had Aqib Talib and Chris Harris and all those guys and we were able to accomplish something special because of those training camp practices those were intense. We were working, everybody hated losing, we were going at each other. The next thing you know you get in the game and it’s easy because we worked so hard during training camp. Just hearing about Diggs and Tre’Davious(White) battles and how they go about their business they were able to sharpen each other‘s tools and both had All-Pro years.

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