Day 7 of Bills training camp is in the books. Following practice, Josh Allen spoke with the media. The quarterback talked about tomorrow’s return to New Era Field, Ray-Ray, a rookie, and developing his short passing game. Here are 4 notable quotes from Josh Allen:

Q: What will it mean tomorrow to be back at New Era Field for the first time since last season?

A: I think it’s kind of the first time some of the new guys will be able to kind of feel that excitement and energy in our stadium. You know, we always talk about defending our dirt, and it starts tomorrow. So, you know, I’m assuming there’s going to be quite a large fan base there. We’re excited to get in there and excited to practice and show you what we’ve been working on.

Q: This year Ray-Ray [McCloud] said this offseason kind of defined himself. He came back with a whole different mindset. Where have you seen him and how have you seen him?

A: Well, on the field he’s doing the right things but I think it starts kind of in the meeting rooms. He’s very attentive, he’s asking the right questions. You know, whatever a guy like Cole [Beasley] says, you know, he goes out there and applies it to the game field and the practice field. He’s taken a lot of good steps in the right direction this camp and it’s been exciting to see just him being aware of what’s going on. He’s being very attentive, like I said, even on the field if we have a hot or I point at somebody and his guy rushes, he’s got a knack for just kind of getting into a zone where he feels open and makes it a little easier for us as quarterbacks with the ball.

Q: Since the pads have come on, has anything changed or jumped out to you while watching Devin Singletary?

A: Yeah, obviously he’s very shifty and he’s kind of like a one cut, go. His vision is just different. I think for a young guy coming into this league, his vision, being able to see guys in his peripheral, the jump cuts that he’s been able to make, I think that people have to respect that. It just kind of opens it up. When there’s one on one defender, he’s very tough to bring down so you know, I’m very anxious to see that one when live pads and getting into maybe a preseason game and seeing some of the things that he can do with the ball in his hands.

Q: You’ve done a lot of work on the short end of your game and we’ll talk about it over and over again. Is it at this point in camp, seven days in, are you celebrating those easy ones, those Cole Beasley connections the same that you would those long ones with John Brown?

A: Absolutely. We had one play today and Dre [Andre Roberts] had just kind of found a window like four yards in front of me. I dumped it on to him before it got to the will linebacker and that was a touchdown and that’s one of those like, “let’s go Dre!” That’s what we need right there and for him to kind of have a knack to find a little zone and me to find him and put it on and where I did. It’s definitely steps in the right direction.