BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Bills head coach Sean McDermott announced the majority of the starters will play in the season finale against the Jets on Sunday.

Here are four notable quotes from Tuesday’s press conference, including Josh Allen’s response to playing in Week 17.


Q: What’s the thinking behind that? Wanting Josh, you obviously have a reason behind that, granted it is a game.

A: It’s big picture, it’s where we are as a team. Certainly, there’s a lot of different ways you can go about it. I’ve been around it and where we are for this team, this year, and where we are trying to go, we feel like this is the right thing for this team, this year and in this situation. We have work to do and we will continue to work this week to put our team in the best position possible moving forward. Listen, they are not all going to play the same amount in the game so we are going to be smart with that. It’s important that we get working fundamentally and we are working in terms of execution and we stay sharp as can be. That’s where we are on that.

Q: Is one of the things that was either contemplated or discussed, the reputation of the defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams, having his guys make sure they hit the quarterback as often as possible and how he has the infamous quote “remember me shots.”

A: That has been factored in. I’m telling you, you know me. That’s been factored in, that’s been discussed and I don’t want to go any further with that other than to say that you always also factor in who you are playing. I’ll just tell you that that was factored in as well. I can’t protect, the game has to be played the correct way and that’s where the officials have to do their job and we respect their job and we respect them to do their job.

Q: Speaking of Josh, having gone through this grueling test over the past month, what do you need to see from him and the offense when it comes down to finishing when you have had two opportunities to at least tie a game in the final two minutes? What do you need to see from him moving forward in getting into the end zone in tying that game up or scoring the touchdown?

A: It’s overall execution in those situations in the game. I thought we did a good job of that before half and now it’s what happens differently before the end of the game. We move the ball to put ourselves in position and now it’s finishing off those situations and not getting behind the sticks sometimes when we are fourth and ten, fourth and eighth or maybe its fourth and whatever. If you have a fourth down you like it at fourth and five or fourth and four naturally. Overall it’s all of us, myself included just executing at a higher level and that’s time on task and where practice comes in and certainly using the experience we’ve had from those games this year.


Q: Do you give any thought, I mean the rest of us do, but how much thought do you give to the whole preservation thing, knowing the playoffs, the bigger picture and anytime you are out there there’s a risk for you and everybody else. How much of that crosses your mind? A: There’s risk in practice, there’s risk in driving around especially up here in the snow, there’s risk all over the place and we get paid to play this game. It’s our job to go out there and play it so we aren’t thinking of injuries or anything like that. We are just trying to get another win. We have a good opponent coming up and I’m sure they want to come in here and end their season on a good note too. We are preparing really hard, our coaches have a good game plan in and it’s one that we want for sure.