5 Questions: Bills RB Devin Singletary


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Football is officially and along with it, returns 5 Questions.  This week on our BKL Training Camp Special, Nick Filipowski caught up with third round pick Devin Singletary to chat about the running back’s Madden rating, nickname and skiing ability.

Nick Filipowski: Devin, you’re a rookie in the NFL now.  A lot of guys growing up, have to create themselves in the video game Madden.  You don’t have to do that anymore.  How nice is it knowing that when you log on to play, you can just play as yourself?

Devin Singletary: “You know, that’s big. All my hard work paid off.  I’ve always wanted to see myself on Madden and I’m already there.  So, it’s definitely a great feeling.”

NF: Now, lets talk about that Madden rating. You come in with a 72.  Is that fair? Is that accurate?

DS: “I guess it’s accurate. You know, I haven’t done anything in the league, so, I’ll take it for right now.”

NF: If you had to give yourself an overall rating, what would you give?

DS: “I haven’t thought about that to be honest, so I’ll just go with a 72 for right now until I prove myself.”

NF: Some guys have nicknames that make you scratch your head. Your nickname is pretty sweet. It’s ‘Motor.’ Give us the history of that nickname.

DS: “Basically, it was passed down. My father had it first.  But, once I started playing ball, they see me moving around and it stuck with me ever since.  I’m powerful and past and I don’t get tired easy.  I got a motor.”

NF: Now I know when you were at FAU, there was a campaign you guys launched. You had numbers on NASCARs to try and make a pitch to Heisman voters, to put you in there.  How special was that?

DS: “That was big, just for the university to get behind me, show they have my back and go all out.  So, I appreciate them for that.”

NF: Now, I read one skill you wanted to learn was to ski. You’re in a perfect place in Western New York. Have you started to scope out the terrain to figure out where you want to learn those skills?

DS: “Not quite yet. I haven’t had much time for that yet.  But, I definitely look forward to doing that.”

NF: Last question for you.  I saw you throw out the first pitch at a Marlins game. Were you more nervous for that or do you think you’ll be more nervous for your first carry in the NFL?

DS: “I probably won’t be nervous at all. You just have to have confidence in yourself and just have to be ready.  So, I was ready for that pitch and I’ll be ready for that first carry.”

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