5 Questions: Corey Bojorquez


This week on 5 Questions, we caught up with one of the most interesting players on the Bills’ 53-man roster: rookie punter  Corey Bojorquez who could officiate your wedding if you ask him to.

Nick Filipowski: Corey this is a first for me on five questions, I have never interviewed an ordained minister which you are.  How did you — what inspired you to to become an ordained minister?

Corey Bojorquez: “It was Rob Dyrdek for sure. I was watching his TV show and he did it to do his sister’s wedding. I thought it was pretty funny so I figured why not.”

NF: Have you officiated any weddings? If not, are there any on the schedule for the future?

CB: “Honestly, if it comes up and somebody wants me to, I’m down for it.”

NF: I read if you could play another sport, it’d be hockey and you’d like to suit up for the Anaheim Ducks. Knowing your love for Disney, which we’ll get in to in a second, is that out of respect for the Charlie Conway, Adam Banks and Goldberg Ducks?

CB: “No. As far as I can remember, my dad was just taking us to Ducks games so that’s who I liked.”

NF: What position would you play?

CB: “Forward.”

NF: How many goals would you score per game?

CB: “I’d probably average about two a game.”

NF: You do have a love for Disney.  You’ve stated you’ve been to Disney World, Disneyland roughly 300 times.

CB: “It’s somewhere up there.  I have an annual pass. I’d go four or five times a week to kill time.”

NF: Favorite Disney character?

CB: “That’s gotta be Simba.”

NF: Why?

CB: “He’s a king and I feel like I’m a king, too.”

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