5 Questions: Marshall Newhouse


This week for 5 Questions, Buffalo Kickoff LIVE caught up with offensive tackle Marshall Newhouse to talk about his love for games and the holiday, Valentine’s Day.

Nick Filipowski: Marshall, let’s begin with this. I read the last thing you purchased on the internet was a deli slicer. I’m curious to know, what inspired you to buy a deli slicer?

Marshall Newhouse: “I wish I could take credit for it. It was on a wedding registry and friends of mine that make their own meats, they slice vegetables with it and, I had to ask the bride if she was serious with it because I saw it on the registry. She was dead serious, so I was like you know what, that’s the best gift I can think of.”

NF: I read you love games and in your locker if you don’t mind I’m going to pull it out — it is a crossword puzzle.  What is your all-time favorite game?

MN: “All time favorite game. There are some across the board but an easy one would be Golden Eye or Mario Kart as a video game.”

NF: Now you started this crossword puzzle. How many have you actually finished?

MN: “A lot. That’s the USA Today’s. I finish the Monday through Thursday pretty quickly. The New York Times I can finish them Monday or Tuesday but they get pretty hard, pretty quick. I’m working on them and getting better.”

NF: Now, let me ask you this. I read in your Bills bio that if you could play another sport, it’d be baseball and you’d like to be the designated hitter for the New York Yankees. There have been guys that have played for the Yankees with great nicknames.  What would your Yankees nickname be?

MN: “Just call me like the Grizzly Bear. I don’t know. That has nothing to do with baseball.”

NF: As we wrap up on five questions, everybody loves holidays. You are a fan of Valentine’s day. Why that day?

MN: “I’m a contrarian.  I like it because I do the opposite of that and I’m with friends and we don’t acknowledge the day or we go do something and just don’t even celebrate that has anything remotely to do with Valentine’s day.  It’s just a big slap in the face to a made up holiday.”

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