5 Questions: Siran Neal

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This week for 5 Questions of Buffalo Kickoff LIVE, we chat with one of the most versatile defensive players on the roster, Siran Neal, who uses a specific candy to help learn the D.

Buffalo Kickoff LIVE: Siran, you were just the second player drafted by the Bills out of Jacksonville State.  We’re going to test your knowledge right off the bat in 5 Questions. Who did the draft back in 1987?

Siran Neal: Oh, back in 1987. Wasn’t it an offensive lineman?

BKL: Close.

SN: I don’t have a name. They told me a while back.

BKL: Keith McKellar.

SN: Yeah, Keith McKellar.

BKL: Congrats on making history with Keith McKeller and getting drafted out of Jacksonville State.  Let’s chat real quick about your family. You are one of eight siblings.  Out of your six brothers and one sister, which of you are the best athlete?

SN: Definitely me. Naw, I’m going to keep it real. I have an older brother who just came up short. He just turned 26. I learned a lot from him.

BKL: I heard there is a specific candy that you use to help go over the X’s and O’s when you’re studying and preparing.  What is that candy.

SN: It’s not just candy. It’s my favorite candy.  It’s my energizer, it’s everything to me — Skittles. I set the offense up, the motions and all that make the calls. And then, when I’m done I reward myself with a Skittle. That’s how I do it.

BKL: What’s your favorite Skittle?

SN: I would say red. Red is good or the green.

BKL: I read in your bio on your bucket list is to travel the world. What is the one place you want to travel and why?

SN: Probably Africa. Just see the homeland. Travel and show my family, and Dubai. One day I’ll get there.

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