ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB) – Sean McDermott said Josh Allen will be “in the loop” when it comes to hiring a replacement for offensive coordinator Brian Daboll if he leaves for a head coaching job and on Wednesday, Bills general manager Brandon Beane echoed those comments.

“Definitely value his opinion. We have a great relationship, I sat down with Josh Monday and we just talked about the game, the season, life and he’s in such a great spot. I’m so proud of where he’s at. I and or Sean would be crazy not to loop him in,” Beane said during his end of the season press conference on Wednesday.

While Daboll hasn’t been offered or taken a head coaching job yet, it seems like it’s only a matter of time given he generated interest last year at this time and has already had two interviews for the Giants vacancy, the latest one in person at their facility on Tuesday. This comes as no surprise since former Bills assistant GM Joe Schoen took over as Giants GM last weekend.

But it looks like Allen will be working with someone other than Daboll as his offensive coordinator next year. Remember Daboll’s been with Allen all four years of his NFL career up to this point, which has certainly contributed to his development and success.

“I feel fortunate that Josh has only had one offensive coordinator. You see young quarterbacks struggle that have to go through multiple coordinators so that was one of the things that we put down stability in the offensive system and the coaches around him so it’s been a great four years and three of those years Ken Dorsey’s been right there, Shea Tierney, we’ve had a great group even Davis Webb in his own way he’s like a player-coach for us,” Beane explained.

As far as getting Allen’s opinion on a potential replacement for Daboll, Beane acknowledged he needs to make decisions that are best for the organization, however gave an example of how to do that and still make sure Allen approves and feel comfortable.

“I’ll go back to signing Mitch Trubisky. I already had the deal close to done but I called Josh and just said ‘hey before I finalize this, this is what’s going down is there anything I’m missing? You guys have never had an issue with each other that I’m aware of, I’ve done my research.’ But I definitely wouldn’t want to bring someone in the quarterback room player, coach whatever that might not allow Josh to be at his best,” Beane said.

Seeing as though Beane values not only Allen’s opinion but that stability and continuity around him, it seems like promoting Dorsey would be a good fit if Daboll were to leave.

“Whatever it is if Brian leaves we’d be silly not to get Josh’s opinion and listen we know what he thinks of Ken Dorsey, it’s very high, that matters to us but we definitely have to do our due diligence,” Beane explained.