ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB) – Bills left tackle Dion Dawkins has been very open and honest about his battle and recovery from Covid-19 that sent him to the hospital for four days at the start of training camp in late July.

And even all these weeks later, he’s still fighting through some of the lingering effects on his body.

“Up and down, you know like my body went through a drastic tragedy I would say. Every part of my body was battling so from being down at my lowest point and trying to be at my highest point in three weeks I mean I try my best. Being a pro your clock just has to be faster but you know I’m grinding at it every day. I’m not fully, fully, fully, fully, fully me but I’m still me,” Dawkins said after practice on Friday.

“But it’s the conditioning part of it but that’s not an excuse but it’s just saying that it’ll be an entire season thing to just keep growing and just keep chopping away at my downfall which will be on the up rise.”

Dawkins missed the Bills first preseason game but played in the last two and played in last week’s season opener against the Steelers in a game where the offensive line as a whole really struggled against Pittsburgh’s tough defensive front.

Part of the struggle, at least for Dawkins could have been still working through some of these Covid side effects but he says he’s not sure exactly how close his body is to being 100%.

“I have no idea. I wish that it was like pouring water and you could just see the cup go up but it isn’t. Some days I feel amazing and then some days I don’t. When I say it’s an up and down battle, just every day it feels different. But it’s not drastically worse or anything like that but it’s just an up and down battle,” Dawkins explained.

As far as being tired and conditioning goes, it’s gotten a lot better since he returned from the Covid list in August.

“That’s how I feel on the field at times. Like that play felt harder than the previous play or the play after and this play felt great but I don’t know. I wish I could just open up my body and see but I can’t,” Dawkins said.

“I’m not drastically tired but I feel like we still got a way to keep pushing and I’m not perfectly there. I’m there, I’m just not perfectly there.”