ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB) – There aren’t many players left on the current Bills team who played in that crazy “Snow Bowl” game back on December 10th, 2017 when the Bills hosted the Colts but the ones who were there remember it well.

“We went out for pregame and there was like no snow, it was like flurries. And then when we came out for an actual stretch and all that stuff it was like a foot and a half and it was just like wow this is real,” Bills left tackle Dion Dawkins said.

That was a memorable game during Dawkins’ rookie season.

“Seeing them shovel the lines off and watching the kickers and the punters come out there and kick off the snow left and right. And us even having to make sure our feet were in the ground evenly,” Dawkins recalled.

These memories are being brought up again is because of the snow storm heading for the area this weekend once again as the Bills are scheduled to host the Browns this Sunday afternoon at Highmark Stadium. There’s still no update on a possible venue change for the game like what we saw in 2014 when the Bills had to play a “home” game in Detroit against the Jets during the “Snowvember” storm.

But if the game is played in Orchard Park as planned, we could see similar conditions to that 2017 blizzard game. That was Sean McDermott’s first season as head coach.

“I remember vividly walking in after warmups and then walking back out for the game and I was walking next to Paul Sortisio our security director and I saw the amount of snow already just in that amount of time that lapsed between going in and coming back out and I turned to him and I said “is this normal?” Because you hear stories when you move here and we’re walking down getting ready for the game and he goes “no”. And I didn’t have time to be like tell me more,” McDermott laughed.

“And the rest was the rest.”

The Bills won that game 13-7 in overtime and players described how the conditions not only completely changed that game but could impact this game against the Browns again as well.

“The biggest struggle for me was snapping the football because the snow got stuck in the laces and it ended up freezing in the laces so it felt like you were snapping a totally round ball without any laces,” Bills long snapper Reid Ferguson explained.

“I mean we’re just gonna have to see how it plays out. It could change the way the game is played, I remember that’s exactly what happened when we played the Colts. It changed the entire way the game was played,” Bills safety Jordan Poyer said.

“They came out heavy personnel, ran the ball, there was not a whole lot of pull scheme, it was more just kind of zone schemes just trying to get the traction to be able to get down hill.”