BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – There are not one but two Bills draft picks that get to reunite with their former college teammates, Damar Hamlin is one of them.

The Bills drafted Hamlin, a safety out of Pittsburgh in the sixth-round (212th overall) and now he’ll play with cornerback Dane Jackson who Buffalo drafted in 2020.

“He’s like a brother to me. We grew up on the same side of town in Pittsburgh so we knew each other since we was about seven, eight years old. Ever since we’ve been on the same mission and we happen to be on the same path going to Pitt together and it’s a dream come true to still be on that same mission being together at Buffalo,” Hamlin said on a zoom call with reporters.

“To be on the same team with him once again you know I know my work ethic, I know his work ethic, I know we’ll be in each other’s back pocket and I know he’ll be a tool for me to be an asset to this team as much as I can.”

With veteran safety Dean Marlowe leaving in free agency, that opens the door for Hamlin to come in and compete for a roster spot and so far he has the right mindset and mentality to do just that.

“Throughout this whole process I’ve been preaching I’m just willing to do whatever just to be a contributor on the team. I don’t care if I gotta pass out water at halftime I just want to be on a winning team and I just want to contribute so no matter what it is I’m willing to do it,” Hamlin said.

“If you know me you know I’m a team player from day one so no matter what it is I’m ready to do it. If coach needs it I’m here.”

During the pre-draft process, Jackson also talked to Hamlin about the importance of playing well at the Senior Bowl.

“He told me it’s an opportunity to get around other top athletes and to perform to show that you are one of those guys. I feel like I did what I had to do down there and it was a great experience, I learned a lot of things down there and I’m ready to get to Buffalo and just put my head down and work,” Hamlin said.