ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB) – Dawson Knox has a new career-high in touchdown catches and it’s only week four.

“Lately like the past three or four weeks you just see, even at practice it just clicked for him. He’s a heck of a player and I enjoy watching him play and just watching him practice. You can tell he’s gonna have a big game week in and week out because of the way he goes to work,” Bills wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders said.

And that big game was his third straight with a touchdown catch, this time in a 40-0 win over Houston on Sunday. Knox had five catches for 37 yards and two touchdowns.

“It’s just trying to get better every day, whether it’s catching, run blocking, pass protection, you know I don’t think a whole lot has changed but just kind of stacking good days on good days like in practice, treating every day like it’s a game, just getting mentally prepared, getting in the weight room. Just the little things you do start to add up but…,” Knox said after the game.

“…the little things you do right start to add up and this guy does everything right throughout the week and it’s awesome to play with him,” Josh Allen chimed in before Knox could finish his thought at the podium.

“Awww thanks,” Knox said as the two exchanged a handshake.

Then added, “We need some more prom pics” as he laughed referencing their touchdown celebration in last week’s win against Washington.

But in all seriousness, the work Knox did in the offseason and in training camp is paying off. During his first two seasons in the NFL, he struggled with drops which is something he wanted to clean up in 2021. So he worked with a vision specialist and that’s part of what is helping his good start.

“I think it just comes down to confidence and just being disciplined with my eyes,” Knox said.

“A lot of times last year there were a few balls that I thought were easy and I’d start looking up field and just have some bad drops but as soon as you start thinking about trying not to drop the ball that’s when you start having drops so I think it’s just that consistency in practice, getting his trust and just stacking those good practices, stacking those good games and keep the confidence up.”

Knox has certainly provided a spark for the Bills offense and gotten more involved in the passing game. Against the Texans, it was a slow start for the offense as Allen was intercepted on the first play of their opening drive. Then the next series they went three and out. But third time’s a charm, I guess as the next time out the Bills went 69 yards on nine plays capped off by a 25-yard touchdown pass to Knox.

“It’s great to watch him, mentally tough, able to reset which is key, it’s a tool in his toolbox, and I think he’s playing very confident football and that goes back to his work in the offseason, his work with Josh in training camp,” head coach Sean McDermottt said after the game.

His second touchdown came in the fourth quarter on a one-yard pass from Allen.

So far this season, Knox has 15 catches for 144 yards and four touchdowns on 20 targets as he’s off to a great start in his third year in the NFL.

In 2019 during his rookie season, he ended with 28 catches for 388 yards and two touchdowns on 50 targets and last year he had 24 receptions for 288 yards and three touchdowns on 44 targets. If things keep up, he could record career highs in all those categories this season.

And even though his game is improving, his approach and mindset is staying the same.

“I always like playing with a chip on my shoulder ever since I was a walk on in college, just never being satisfied with my game is always a big thing, just kind of having that mindset of you’re never content with where you’re at,” Knox explained.