Brandon Beane talks about free agency and the draft


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) Buffalo Bills General Manager Brandon addressed the media via social media for over an hour Thursday.

Beane discussed how the Stefan Diggs trade happened. He said in the afternoon of the first day teams could talk to free agents, he made a call to Minnesota on Stefon Diggs and Minnesota wasn’t interested at that time. He talked to Minnesota later and they said it needed to be a big deal. Beane circled back later and worked on the deal at about 9:45pm or so and about 30 minutes later, it was done.

Beane said he felt it was important to continue helping the offense continue to improve, “I said at the end of the season press conference that I blamed myself as much as anybody, it’s my job and my personel staff to help add weapons for Brian Daboll and his offensive staff and help our quarterback and Sean (McDermott), so one of the things I felt we still needed I thought we still needed was someone opposite John Brown and with Cole Beasley.” “we don’t know what kind of off season we’ll have and I just thought it was going to be really hard to trade up to get a guy that I know could walk in on day one and let’s just say it’s August before we get back to things, I just felt a proven commodity was worth this.”

Beane went on to talk about Diggs as the team’s first round pick, “the way I’m viewing with the draft capital we moved to acquire him is we moved up say 4 spots and we got him and we know the player, it’s just a more proven thing right now. What we’re dealing with now did weigh into that, I know this guy will be ready once he learns the verbage of our system quicker than in college.”

job this past fall preparing for the draft and they will now start to do facetime or zoom it candidates in place of in person interviews like it has always been done.

Beane did talk about the free agents he brought in this year and that the organization was very familiar with almost all of the new signees. With the familiarity between the new free agents and the organization will help if preparation for the season is shortened by the coronavirus pandemic. “I think that does help and I think that’s part of it, these are guys that we did target. Obviously when we signed Josh (Norman) we didn’t know this was going to break out like it has.”

Beane was asked if medical concerns for some possible draft picks will have an impact on where they fall in the draft, “we are trying to close the loop so to speak, medically, character, learns, there are still some guys that we see production, but back to learns, we’re trying to close as many loops as we can either through our medical staff reaching out to trainers and doctors.”

As far as dealing with the coronavirus situation Beane says, “I’m a guy that’s stressed when I’m not stressed,I get that from my mom, but it’s just one of those things, I don’t want to sit and watch the news 24 hours a day or sit on my phone and read because I know what it looks like, it’s been a good distraction for me and I think for my staff to focus on something other than what’s hitting us in the face right now.”

Beane talked about two of the biggest names in the league at quarterback, Tom Brady and Cam Newton. Beane says he’s a little disappointed the Bills won’t get a chance to play and beat Tom Brady, something his Bills teams were not able to do. But he did downplay the Bills as the team to beat in the AFC East saying that team remains the New England Patriots.

Beane says he has a lot of respect for Cam Newton and it was unfortunate how things played out with Cam and his injuries. He said whatever team takes a chance on Cam is going to get a good quarterback.

Beane talked about the progress Harrison Phillips is making from his season ending knee injury last year. Beane is hopeful that Phillips will be ready for training camp, but the rehab process is slowed down a little bit with the current coronavirus situation.

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