ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB) – Bills offensive coordinator is a pretty level-headed guy, he doesn’t seem to get too high or too low after games and when talking to the media but you could tell how much it meant to him that his team was there for him after the passing of his grandmother.

“I appreciate those guys and they all know that. I got a lot of love for them, we’re a close knit group, you know I appreciate them being there for me and you know my grandmother would have wanted to go out there and play well and that’s she would want,” Daboll said on Monday.

“She wouldn’t want to sit there and have people feel sorry for themselves and think about how bad it is when you lose someone.”

After a blow out 43-21 win over Washington, left tackle Dion Dawkins said “this one was for Brian Daboll” as he was leaving his postgame press conference. At the time, no one knew what the significance of that was until Josh Allen got to the podium and told reporters Daboll lost his grandma, Ruth earlier that week.

The Bills offense dedicated that game to Daboll and boy did they come out with a huge performance racking up 481 yards of total offense as Allen threw for 358 yards, four touchdowns and ran for one. The offensive line also did not allow a sack in the win.

“I’m not gonna sugarcoat it, it was special to me,” Daboll said.

“I lost the woman that was most important in my life and those guys are just great people.”

Daboll’s grandma, Ruth Kirsten along with his grandpa, Chris raised him in West Seneca and credits them for where he is today.

“She wants you to have a positive attitude and probably say a couple cuss words in there to get it going and she knew Josh pretty well and Josh’s family so we appreciate him and appreciate all the guys,” Daboll said.

And that mentality of being blunt, telling it like it is has helped Daboll in his coaching career and even move on from a tough day at the office.

“She’d be the first person I’d call after a game and if it didn’t go well, it wasn’t “oh you’ll get them next time” it was a couple curse words in there and pick your head up and do better, you know that’s kind of what she was,” Daboll explained.