ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB) — The new Bills stadium deal isn’t getting much love from New Yorkers, according to a recent poll.

Co/efficient surveyed 830 state residents by phone. The polling involved texts and automated interviews.

Participants were asked about the public’s hand in the deal to build a new stadium for the Buffalo Bills. It asks for $850 million in state and county taxes to fund it.

$600 million of that money would be from the state, while the other $250 million would come from Erie County.

And overall, the majority of people surveyed are against this amount of public money being spent on the roughly $1.4 billion project. The survey listed the following numbers:

  • 55 percent are opposed
  • 23 percent are unsure
  • 22 percent approve

But here at home, the results were a little different. Here are the results for people in and around Buffalo:

  • 31 percent are opposed
  • 12 percent are unsure
  • 58 percent approve

In the New York City area, the results are closer to the statewide, overall results:

  • 57 percent are opposed
  • 24 percent are unsure
  • 19 percent approve

Conducted between March 28 and 30, the poll has a margin of error of +/- 3.4 percent.

The majority of those surveyed had unsure opinions of Terry and Kim Pegula, the married co-owners of the Buffalo Bills. But their opinions of the Bills were made clear, with 57 percent saying they aren’t a fan.

For the full survey results, click or tap here.

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