“…Power and just aggressive.”

That’s how Ed Ingram describes his playing style and those are two important traits that NFL teams look for in offensive lineman. The guard from LSU made 34 career starts at both guard spots. Here’s Ingram on what will make him a productive lineman the next level.

“My hip leverage and how fast I get off the ball,” Ingram said. “I get off the ball so quick and get up under people so quick that they don’t have a chance to get leverage or get their feet in the ground.”

Ingram played in three different offensive systems during 4 years at LSU. One of those season was with Joe Brady, the Bills new quarterback coach.

“It was crazy,” Ingram said of playing for Brady. “That guy has a lot of tricks up his sleeve. He’s a very smart coach. He made football fun. Most of the time we’re just sitting back there blocking, we had a great quarterback, great wide receivers, and we knew when he threw down the field it was a touchdown. That was a good offense to be a part of.”

Ingram’s motivation to succeed in the NFL starts with his family.

“A lot of people don’t know that I was adopted and so me and my little sister and my older brother we are all adopted so we’re in this together,” Ingram said. “Something that helps drives me and pushes me to do more if I’m waking up and I’m in a mood I’m like hey I got to get up get out of my head because I’m doing this for other people I’m doing this for my little sister and my older brother and people that are counting on me.”

Ingram is projected to be a 3rd or 4th round selection in the upcoming draft.