Chris Paul started 4 seasons on the Tulsa offensive line and he was a well traveled man. His 38 career starts were spread across right tackle, right guard, left guard, and left tackle. Paul’s best fit in the NFL will be at guard but the versatility is valuable.

“As an individual player you’re at your specific spot but it’s really important for you to know what the right guard center and left guard and left tackle are doing because things happen maybe somebody gets banged up,” Paul said. “If you’re more experience player your number will be called on to maybe switch to a different spot things happen so it’s really important for you to know what’s going on not only for your assignment but for the overall scheme.”

Paul played in the same offensive system his entire college career.

“One of the things I love and appreciate the most about going to Tulsa is that we like to run the ball in general so we did a lot of those schemes run hands on so I think both have their unique tendencies and you can do so many different things with them,” Paul said.

Paul has good size and strength but his character and leadership are elite.

I currently represent my athletic conference to the NCAA and so it’s giving me a lot of responsibility and honestly challenged me in terms of leadership development,” Paul said. “When I speak I’m talking to you right now but I’m representing a lot more than myself. I’m representing my family the over 7000 student athletes in my conference and so that is a big responsibility in and of it’s self and I don’t take it lightly.”

Paul is projected to be a late round draft pick.