Zach Tom was a 3-year starter at Wake Forest. He spent the last two seasons at left tackle but is better suited for center in the NFL. The ability to play different spots is valued at the next level.

“At the end of the day the more you can do, the better position you put yourself in,” Tom said. “They stress it a lot. They asked me all the time where do you see yourself playing, and I tell him anywhere. I use my athleticism. I would say my game is more of an athletic game. I like to get my feet in good position to put a D-lineman in bad position and use that to my advantage to be successful.

Zach knows Bills defensive lineman Boogie Basham really well. The went against each other in practice back in 2020. Tom say Basham helped get him to this point.

“He was different,” Tom said. “I’ve never seen somebody that was 285 pounds move as well as he did, so yeah it was definitely a challenge, but going up against him every day in practice, it made me a better player. I gave him a lot of credit for making me the player I am today.”

Tom is expected to be a day 3 draft pick.