BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – The Bills added two more players on day 2 of the NFL Draft. They selected defensive end Carlos “Boogie” Basham in the 2nd round and offensive tackle Spencer Brown in the 3rd round. GM Brandon Beane spoke the media Friday night. Here’s 4 notable quotes from his press conference:

On following their draft board and not drafting for need:

Brandon Beane: What we try to do prior to the draft is just set us up to take the best player on our board and that’s what we’ve done. We took Rousseau last night, you’re not anticipating taking another pass rusher but Carlos was the best player on our board so we just followed that again. You can never have enough pass rushers and we just felt the value was too good to pass up. We’re excited to get him. You would love to sit here and say I’m going to fill this need, I’m gonna fill this need, and this need, each spot along the way but you don’t pass up good players to drop down and handle a need.

On having 9 defensive ends on the current roster:

BB: Competition, that’s what we’re trying to bring. We’re not short at any position that we’ve got to get it round 2 or round 3. I’m not saying we’re hoping to add another pass rusher but if there’s a guy, you just take good players and the rest of that will handle itself. Injuries happen, there’s all sorts of things that can happen between now and when we start the season in September so that stuff will shake itself out. We like the front that we have and we think it’s going to bring out the best in everybody with great competition.

On Rousseau and Basham’s being able to play on the edge and inside on the defensive line:

BB: You know we love versatility here. We talk about it on the offensive line, for receivers that can play multiple spots. The same thing here– both Basham and Rousseau can play outside. Position one is left end and position two is come inside. Both of them have had production rushing inside. Sometimes you project it but these guys have done it Rousseau had 15.5 sacks and a lot of those from the inside. Basham had five sacks in seven games this year and 10 or 11 a year ago and some of that production was from the inside. We like what that will give Leslie Frazier and Eric Washington and how they can mix things up.

On 3rd round pick Spencer Brown’s addition in the 3rd round:

BB: Spencer is a very tall young man for the position. He played at Northern Iowa and played mainly right tackle but we think he can be a swing tackle right or left. Obviously we’ve got some starters in there with Dion and Daryl but he’ll come in and compete and be a backup in year one and we’ll see from there. Their team didn’t have a season this year and he had an opportunity to go play at bigger schools but just said if his teammates didn’t play he wasn’t gonna play. He went and trained with Joe Staley, he didn’t just sit at home. He hired an agent and worked with him all through the fall and got himself ready. The thing that I admired was some guys got invited to the Senior Bowl that didn’t play this year and didn’t wanna do it. They turn down the invitation and that was caution for me. Spencer, even though he didn’t play, he took the opportunity and met the competition. He played really well and he caught our eye at the Senior Bowl.