ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB) — The Bills made a big splash in free agency adding future Hall of Famer Von Miller. The elite pass rusher met with reporters for the first time since signing with the Bills. Here are 4 notable quotes from Thursday’s press conference.

On the tough decision to leave LA for Buffalo:

The only way you can walk away from that is to walk into something special. What they’re doing here is extremely special. They are going to win a Super Bowl with or without me. They’ve built an amazing team. Josh Allen and Diggs on the offensive side and this offensive line that they’ve built with Dawkins, I’ve been a huge fan of the way he plays for a long time. This defense, the number one defense in the league from the safeties Poyer and Micah, Ed Oliver upfront and then we’ve got Jordan Phillips and (Tim) Settle. They made a number one defense even better.

On almost landing in Buffalo back in 2011 draft:

I’ve been a big fan of the Buffalo Bills for a long time. I thought I was gonna be a Buffalo Bill when I first got drafted but Denver came out of nowhere the day before the draft and I got wind that I was going to be a Denver Bronco. That whole offseason I thought I was going to be a Buffalo Bill. I had already bought into the Buffalo Bills, I bought Buffalo Bills gear, I knew about the Bills Mafia. I knew how much this team meant to this community and I was OK with a back then and I’m definitely OK with it now.

On the “Josh Allen factor”:

I knew Josh Allen before he came here. I thought he was going to be a Denver Bronco. We took Bradley Chubb, that’s my running mate, that’s my brother as well. I thought we were going to take Josh Allen and Josh Allen came here and became a creature. He became a superstar quarterback and he’s one of the biggest reasons why I want to be a part of this. I believe in him and I believe in this offense.

On this being a special opportunity:

When I left Denver and went to LA I said I’m not going back, I’m not leaving. It had to be something special and had to be this, it had to be the Buffalo Bills. What they’ve created here and the Bills Mafia, it had to be this environment to draw me away from that. It’s not really the weather, the weather is going to be the weather but what they’re doing inside this facility and what they’re doing in this community, what they’re doing on the football field and off the football field I had to be a part of that.

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