Beating Murphy’s Law

Buffalo Bills

“I know there’s a lot left in me.” 

Hampered by injuries and rehab the last two seasons Trent Murphy has been unable regain his 2016 form when he had 9 sacks and forced three fumbles with Washington.

Murphy suffered a torn ACL in 2017. He signed with the Bills prior to 2018 season but spent most the year battling through after effects of the injury. 

“It was a tough year to be honest with you. It was probably my hardest year of football with injuries being aggravated and wanting to be out there and help the team and do my job and flash on tape and show everybody what you can do,” Murphy said following minicamp practice on Tuesday. 

The Bills coaching staff says the defensive end is finally healthy and there’s a noticeable difference. 

“He just looks like he’s in a different mental space,” Sean McDermott said. “Another year removed from where he was last year when we first got him here and there’s a lot that goes into that. Trent’s a better one to ask.”

When I asked, when was the last time you were this healthy? Murphy laughed and joked “It’s been a few years.”

“The confidence, the movement, everything looks so much better,” Leslie Frazier the Bills defensive coordinator said.

“We’re hoping that continues as we get farther along, but he’s a different player. You would expect that, coming off of the type of injury that he had. As his confidence grows and the fact that he is more comparable to what we’re doing on defense as well, all that helps,” Frazier said. 

A healthy Murphy paired with Jerry Hughes would give the Bills a dynamic pass rush coming off the edge this season. 

“He is a big part of what we plan to do and effecting the quarterback and I just really appreciate what he brings to the table,” McDermott said. “It’s no surprise having met his family recently and to watch the way they think work ethic is so important in their family, Trent really embodies that.”

Trent was one of seven children who grew up on a farm in Arizona and credits his upbringing for the ability to face obstacles head on. 

“They instilled at a young age how do it and how to do it right and it’s gotten me this far,” Trent praised his parents. “There is no hay in the barn. We haven’t earned anything, proved anything, nobody earned a job, nobody has a job. You earn everything every day that’s the NFL from top to bottom.”

Getting back to the top of his game could be the difference in the Bills defense reaching new heights. 

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