BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – It always seems like you can find a Buffalo connection in most situations and that is no different with the Bills first-round draft pick Greg Rousseau.

Of course he’s heard the typical, obvious stuff:

“I know there’s Niagara Falls there, it pretty much borders Canada, I’m pretty sure there’s Lake Erie so the same lake in Cleveland is over there,” Rousseau said.

But his understanding of Western New York runs deeper than that.

“My mom had my older brother in Buffalo so my parents lived in Buffalo for I think five years, four years, so I’m very familiar with Buffalo.”

The Bills drafted the Miami defensive end with the 30th overall pick in this year’s draft as they continue to add youth to the position and someone who already has ties to the area.

“I know all about it, Jim Kelly, the whole nine yards, and they got the Miami connection for sure,” Rousseau said in a zoom call with reporters after the first-round.

He laughed and said he’ll get all the exact details from his parents but said he thinks they lived in Buffalo from the mid to late 90’s when his mom was likely getting her nursing degree.

Which leads us to why Rousseau opted out of the 2020 season: his mom was on the front lines working as a Covid nurse.

“He’s a great kid, great family, well raised, this was a thought through process, I know a tough decision. When we talked to him on his zoom about it he stayed in touch with his teammates, he was still watching tape, he had access to all that. He was removed but he was still hanging in there. And he didn’t want to do it but that was the decision he made,” Bills general manager Brandon Beane said on a zoom call with reporters Thursday.

“We understood it. Anybody that did opt out that was on our board we definitely tried to find out what their reasoning was just so we understood. It’s hard to start judging these guys. Covid affected so many people in so many different ways.”

While his parents were living in Buffalo, they had his older brother, Marvyn Rousseau who is now in the coast guard stationed in Memphis.

“They used to live in New York City then moved to Buffalo for a couple years then they moved down to South Florida and I was born in South Florida,” Rousseau explained.

So a bit of a change when it comes to weather for Greg.

“My mom said it was really cold so I’m ready for that, I’m gonna make sure I bring jackets for sure,” Rousseau laughed.

And his mom picked up on the passionate fan base Greg will soon meet.

“She said it’s a town that’s all about football like it’s just football, football and also she said that there’s Niagara Falls,” Rousseau said.

“I’m ready to get up there.”