BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — The Bills Make Me Wanna Give — and this week, we’re talking to a Buffalo newcomer, who is starting to realize the impact the Bills organization makes on the community.

Rookie Kaiir Elam is getting his feet wet, giving back as often as he can.

I met up with him recently at a local school — where he was playing ball with some local kids.

Kelsey: Hey guys, I’m here with Kaiir Elam with the Bills. Kaiir this is such a fun event with all the kids. What are you having most fun with?

Kaiir: “Um, honestly I think I’m having most fun just being able to give back to the kids and just having them see we’re not untouchable and I think it’s very important for me to have fun and show my emotions and have fun I guess.”

Kelsey: “You haven’t been in this community super long. What do you think of Buffalo so far and why does it mean a lot to you to give back to this community?”

Kaiir: “It’s so passionate and is filled with such genuine people. I need to just get out of my comfort zone and support the people who support us every week. I couldn’t be more grateful just to give my time.”

Kelsey: “This is out of your comfort zone a little bit?”

Kaiir: “Yeah, I mean I always have my head in the sand, just focused on how I could get better, but I think I need to just give back and just do better. Do more.”

Kaiir: “Honestly, sometimes I take for granted how big of a role I have or the impact I could have on somebody. So it’s just me not taking it for granted… taking it one step at a time… and just enjoying life and being able to help others.”

Kelsey: “Thank you so much, good luck this season.”