ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB) — One day after a video of his eruption in the coaches’ box during the final seconds of the Bills 21-19 loss to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday went viral, offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey responded to it.

The video, captured by CBS, shows Dorsey ripping his headset off and violently slamming it on the desk. He then proceeded to trash his game notes before someone in the box covered up the camera lens with their hand.

Dorsey, who is in his first season as the offensive coordinator, addressed the video during a press conference on Monday.

“It was an intense game. It was a passionate game. I’m up in the box. I’m watching my guys down there just give us everything they possibly have in them, with effort and from start to finish playing 90-something snaps in the game,” Dorsey said. “Obviously we weren’t on the winning end of it. So it’s frustrating and, you know, reacted that way. And obviously that’s something that I’m definitely gonna learn from.”

The reaction elicited a mostly positive reception on social media, however. Former Bill Stevie Johnson tweeted: “This actually makes me feel better. Players will see this and not think, ‘coach needs to be professional… they see this and say I’m [for sure] going to war [the] rest of the season with you.'”

Head coach Sean McDermott said of the reaction, “I love the fact he cares that much about doing his job.”

Dorsey added, “I think no matter what the situation is there’s stuff to learn from. I definitely think that’s one, not only for me but all of our guys. And whenever things like that happen they’re good teaching moments for everybody involved, including myself. And moving forward, grow from it and continue to – we’re human and that’s what happens. I think no matter who you are whatever level of experience you have, there’s always gonna be things you can learn from.”

Dorsey’s ultra-competitive nature has been well-documented since he was promoted to offensive coordinator in February, but is also known for his strong relationship with players.

Aidan Joly joined the News 4 staff in 2022. He is a graduate of Canisius College. You can see more of his work here.