BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — The Bills were ranked as the ninth-best NFL team to play for while getting low marks on team travel, an NFL Players Association survey revealed earlier this week.

The survey was conducted with 1,300 players across the league to talk about their current team. The survey asked players to grade their team in several categories, ranging from the team’s treatment of families and team travel to the quality of the strength coaches and training staff.

The Bills’ highest marks were given in the weight room and strength coaches, with players believing they have one of the best weight rooms in the NFL, while every player said they believed the team has enough strength coaches. The team’s training staff also received an A grade.

The team’s locker room received an A-, with 92% of players saying they believed they have enough space in the locker room.

Off the field, they received an A- in their treatment of players’ families, noting that the team offers a daycare for children as well as a family room.

At the top of the organization, it is noted that players enjoy playing for head coach Sean McDermott and believe in the Pegula family, with 100% of respondents saying they believed the ownership is willing to invest money into upgrading the facility.

The Bills received lower marks in staffing, with only 72% of players believing they have enough physical therapists and 81% saying the team has enough athletic trainers, eighth-worst in the league in both prompts.

As for other staffing, the players had concerns with nutrition staffing. They noted that the team’s nutritionist splits time between the Bills and Sabres, which players believe limits the amount of focus that they get.

The Bills received low marks in team travel, the team being noted as one of just six teams in the league that requires younger players to have roommates on the road, and just 64% say they have enough room to spread out on the plane. That got them a D+, 25th in the league.

The Minnesota Vikings received the highest marks overall, while the Washington Commanders received the lowest. The Bills were the second-highest team in the AFC East, with the Miami Dolphins ranking second overall. The New York Jets were 19th and the New England Patriots were 24th.

The NFLPA said the goals of the survey were to “highlight positive clubs, identify areas that could use improvement, and highlight best practices and standards.”

To view the full results of the survey, click here.

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