CBS analyst shares expectations for Bills vs. Colts

Buffalo Bills

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Charles Davis is in his first full year as an analyst for CBS Sports and is announcing the Bills vs. Colts game, alongside Ian Eagle.

News 4’s Dave Greber sat down with Charles to talk about his expectations for the game. Davis has been at the desk for two of the Bills’ games, and he’s seen plenty of national coverage.

Needless to say, he’s impressed.

Dave: “Of the previous two games, perhaps what you’ve seen of the coverage as well, what’s impressed you most about this team?”

Charles: “I think to me what impressed me the most is the continuity of his ball club. This is a good team. Are they a great story nationally? Yes, because you don’t talk about Buffalo that often in the national sense. We haven’t had buffalo on our minds like this since probably the Jim Kelly years when they went to the Super Bowl. So that part, but those of us who have been in the league, this is been a good team for the last few years. But now they’ve really exploded. Now, 13 wins, that says something about a football team. Not just getting your 10 and getting to the playoffs. As difficult as it is, but also to become the team where everyone is saying whoa whoa whoa, what are we going to do with them. To also becoming a team where everyone is saying, if I’m Kansas City and I’m worried in the AFC, I’m worried about that team in Buffalo. That speaks volumes about who they are.”

Dave: “What are some of the keys to the game, let’s first start with the Bills?”

Charles: “Yeah I’ll start on the offensive side of the ball. They do run the football. The New England game stands out for me. The Chargers game stands out for me. They’ve had games where they’ve run the football and they’ve been effective. Brian Daboll, the offensive coordinator, if some thing is working like that, he will take the ego out of it and say it’s working, so I don’t need to pull my cheesecake factory sheet to show you how smart I am and just call all these other plays. But they are a throwing team first. That’s where their big plays come from. And some of those throws are part of the run game. The screens, the swings, things of that nature. I expect that to continue.”

Charles: “The last thing I’ll say is this Bill’s team operates better when they’re loose. And so I think if that’s what we see out of Buffalo, if they are of that mindset, that’s when you’ll see their best play.”

Dave: “It’s good that you mention loose, because we are taping this before the game, earlier this week the guys were caught on social media, and I don’t say caught, they were aware that all the media was there at the stadium when they were doing run-throughs. Hammertime came on the loudspeaker and I swear like 30 dudes just came to the middle of the field and just started dancing. Those are the moments where I really think you see this team enjoying what they’re doing. And that has got to be such an important part, especially as tensions grow as you get on into the postseason.”

Charles: “And the best part of that is that it was also spontaneous. The music came on and everybody all the sudden was just in there. But the reason they were able to do that is one, they’re winning ball games. So because they’re winning ball games, they’re very confident in who they are. And last but not least they work when they know it’s time to work. You can have fun while you’re working as long as you’re locked in on the details, you’re prepared, you’re ready to go. If you’re not doing those things and you’re just out there doing the hammer dance, they wouldn’t even be in the playoffs anyway. So we know this is a team that knows how to work, how to have fun and then go from there. They are very locked in group and they know how to practice well. But I thought that was a lot of fun. I guarantee when you watched, you ran your closet and try to find your hammer pants. I know you were trying to find them, they were probably back there with your Zubas.”

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