BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — As he preps for his first game in his new role, Bills interim offensive coordinator Joe Brady issued a strong endorsement of quarterback Josh Allen and the offense despite their recent struggles.

“Give me Josh Allen all day, every day,” Brady said Thursday during his first press conference since Ken Dorsey was fired. “I’m not worried about him. When I look in his eyes before every game, there’s not a worry in my mind, and I guarantee you that’s the same mindset of everybody in this locker room. I believe Josh Allen is the best quarterback in the NFL. It excites me that I get an opportunity to call plays with him. Because … whatever [play] you call, Josh Allen is going to find a way to make it work. There’s a lot of confidence in that.”

Brady, who came to the Bills in 2022 as the team’s quarterbacks coach, spent two seasons as the offensive coordinator of the Carolina Panthers in 2020 and 2021, with his offenses averaging 21.9 and 17.9 points per game, respectively, over those two seasons. Before that, he was the Passing game coordinator at LSU.

The 34-year-old said he took important lessons from his time in Carolina, but he believes the staff around him in Buffalo will prove to be a major help as he dives into his second stint as an NFL offensive coordinator.

“When that last opportunity happened, I made sure I looked back and said ‘hey, what could I have done differently?'” Brady said. “We have the best staff in the league in my opinion. … This is not a Joe Brady offense, this is the Buffalo Bills offense. We’re in this all together, and I think it’s important that the coaches know that, the players know that, and that’s the only way we’re going to be able to have success.”

Brady didn’t get into specifics about what to expect from the Bills offense going forward as they prep to play the Jets on Sunday, but with the team fading in the race for the playoffs entering Week 11, pressure is mounting to find consistency.

“There’s a way to win every game, and it’s about us trying to find that,” said Brady, who has yet to decide whether he will call games from the booth or sideline. “Whatever that spin might be, every game is going to look different. I can’t tell you what the rest of the season is going to look like, just kind of focused on this week.”

View the full press conference below.

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