ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB) — The Bills offensive coaching staff will look much different next season. Joe Brady is taking over for Ken Dorsey as the new quarterbacks coach and is now Josh Allen’s new right hand man.

Allen has been fortunate to have had a lot of the same coaches since he got to the NFL. There’s a lot of value of continuity and but don’t underestimate the importance of a fresh voice with new ideas.

Brady is only 32 years old, but brings with him some valuable experience, having worked with some great QBs and coaches.

He was the offensive coordinator with the Carolina Panthers the last two years. Prior to that he coached Joe Burrow at LSU and was on Sean Payton’s staff with the Saints. Brady spending two seasons watching, studying and working with Drew Brees is something that could benefit Josh Allen.

One of Brady’s first jobs was as a graduate assistant at Penn State in 2015-16. Joe Moorhead was the Nittany Lions offensive coordinator. Moorhead is now the head coach at the University of Akron and believes Brady will be able to inject some valuable things he’s learned along the way.

“I think every coach worth his salt does a good job of gathering information from the great ones,” Moorhead said during a Zoom interview. “Whether it be from a coach, how they call a game and how they run their organization.

“The quarterbacks that Joe has been around, whether it’s how they approach game planning, practice habits, fundamentals and techniques and meeting room preparation — he’s been around such great guys and I think getting to be around Josh Allen, he will be a great resource to help bring some ideas to a guy who is doing it at high level.”

After Penn State, Moorhead became the head coach at Mississippi State. In 2019, he faced an offense led by Joe Brady, who was clearly paying attention when they were together at PSU.

“We were on the unfortunate end of a loss to the LSU Tigers my second year at Mississippi State, so I was happy to see our offense being run very well by one my proteges, but not at the expense of a loss for the old Bulldogs so that wasn’t very cool,” Moorhead joked.

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