Josh Allen and Bills offense fail to find end zone in embarrassing, 9-6 loss to Jaguars

Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen, right, looks for a receiver against the Jacksonville Jaguars during the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Nov. 7, 2021, in Jacksonville, Fla. (AP Photo/Stephen B. Morton)

JACKSONVILLE (WIVB) – Bad, ugly, embarrassing, sloppy, whatever negative adjective you can think of can sum up the Bills offensive performance in a 9-6 loss to Jacksonville.

Bills quarterback Josh Allen had another word to describe his play.

“Credit to them, they came out, they wanted it more. We had a lot of little things add up to big things. I put the ball in danger too often, bit us in the butt, played like s–t, excuse my language but that starts with me so I gotta be better for this team,” Allen said after the game.

“To score six points and I did think we moved the ball at times where we had opportunities and then the drive would stall whether it be in the red zone early there or with a turnover or for some reason we stalled out. I gotta go back and look at it and scrub it down and figure out what was going on there,” Bills head coach Sean McDermott said in his postgame press conference.

The Bills were shut out of the end zone, unable to score a touchdown and settled for two, Tyler Bass field goals for a measly six points. They also turned the ball over three times as Allen threw two interceptions and lost a fumble. The offensive line also did him no favors as he was constantly under pressure, forced out of the pocket and sacked four times on the day.

“We talked about their front being pretty good. Again, it starts with me. I can do some things better to help our guys out, get rid of the ball a little quicker,” Allen said.

This also comes against a secondary that has really struggled so far this season. Coming into this game, Jacksonville was tied for fourth most allowed passing yards per game, tied for second in 20-plus pass yards allowed, and had a league-low two takeaways.

“The turnovers, that’s what jumps off the paper at me,” McDermott said when asked about Allen’s performance.

“I thought Josh made some great throws at times. As he would tell you, we’ve gotta be smarter with the football in certain situations. Just overall as an offense we’ve gotta figure some things out.”

“This one stings but I’ll tell you that this one makes the other games feel better, having this pit in our stomach right now puts things into perspective. It’s a week-to-week league, any given Sunday any team can come out here and play well and beat the other team. That’s just how it goes, that’s life sometimes, we’ll use this to our advantage, we’ll be better from it,” Allen said.

Allen went 31/47 for 264 yards and those two interceptions. This is the first game time since week seven of last year Allen was held without a passing or rushing touchdown. That came in an 18-10 win over the Jets at MetLife Stadium.

“Gotta be smart with the football, end every drive with a kick, understanding how our defense was playing and not giving them the short field. Again, I gotta be better. I played like s–t today,” Allen reiterated.

“Just decision making, trying to get our guys going early on, finding checkdowns early on, but again there’s just a lot of little things that added up throughout the game that kind of put us behind where we wanted to be, stalled a couple drives. They had a couple tips that were big on third downs and hats off to them, they played hard.”

This also comes after Allen and the offense had a slow first half against Miami last week where they only managed to put up three points by halftime. The difference in that game was they figured out ways to adjust, turn it around and ultimately won 26-11, a very different result from today.

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