BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Bills quarterback Josh Allen is teaming up with public benefit corporation ForgiveCo to help forgive over $10 million in debt for people in Wyoming, his hometown of California’s Central Valley, and Buffalo.

“For average Americans across the country, debt relief is on its way,” ForgiveCo said in a release.

According to ForgiveCo, people and brands pair with the public benefit corporation (PBC) to help communities in need by purchasing their debt in bundles, like debt collectors do. Rather than collecting, however, they forgive the debt to help those in financial need. Josh Allen is the latest to pair with the company, they said.

“Coming from a small town and now living out my dream playing football, I recognize that I owe a debt of gratitude to the fans for their support not only each Sunday but also their continued support of my off-field endeavors,” Allen said as part of the release. “I was honored when ForgiveCo approached me with a chance to uplift thousands of hard-working Americans in the communities that support me by alleviating the burden of debt from their lives.”

In addition to Wyoming (where Allen went to college), the Central Valley, and Buffalo, individuals in 200 zip codes with concentrations of Buffalo sports fans were also selected for relief.

“Launching ForgiveCo debt transformation services today with this initial $10 million of debt forgiveness, begins a new era where brands can make a life-changing impact for everyday Americans who have fallen on unfortunate debt hardship,” ForgiveCo co-founder Craig Antico said.

Antico was named one of the “Town and Country” Philanthropists of the Year in 2018 and has reportedly overseen the cancelation of billions of dollars of debt.

The $10 million of debt relief will be spread across 2,600 people, an average of $3,847 per person.

According to ForgiveCo, those benefiting from the relief will receive a branded letter from ForgiveCo and Josh Allen by the end of the month. The PBC also reports that with a $20,000 investment, they can forgive $1 million in debt.

To learn more about ForgiveCo, click here.

Antico joined News 4 at 4 on Monday to talk more about ForgiveCo. That interview can be seen above.

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