Micah Hyde Charity Softball Game

Buffalo Bills

Alright ladies and gentleman, welcome to Shalen Field, for the Micah Hyde Charity softball event, give yourselves a round of applause for coming out here in this weather, now the skies have opened up, it’s going to be sunny and a great day.

Sean McDermott: I just told them they better not swing and miss, or they’ll never hear the end of it.))

(Micah Hyde: I want to get one for these fans, you know. Just interact with them, have fun with ’em, be able to hang out with some kids and do that type of stuff.  You know it’s kind of the down time, we’re in OTA’s now, we don’t get in fromnt of fans much right now, so this is just a little opportunity to do that and come out and have fun and see who some good baseball players are.

I’ll tell you right now, if I ring him up, this crowd is going to boo me.

Are we bringing it in for Mike Love??

Defensive End Mike Love, I think he shattered the bat, and he still hits a homerun, oh going over the fence…oh my gosh, that was th3e Super Bowl for Duke. My dog really did that.

Okay Coach McDermott is up, here we go…my job’s on the line…oh, Coach McDermott with the shot, DiMarco and short throws him out at first base…feels so good to get your coach out.

Are we allowed to have 12 guys in the outfield?? There’s a shot to deep left field, we got a tie ball game…Duke Williams, Duke…Duke…Duke…

Micah Hyde During OTA’s already you feel guys clicking together and guys really enjoy each others company, guys really love each other on this team and we’ve tgot each others back…we’re brothers, we’re family, that’s what this was about. We raised over 40-thousand dollars for this event and we’re able to give it back to the community in Buffalo. 

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