Biggio’s Baseball Bloodline Hits Buffalo

Buffalo Bisons

Cavan Biggio is making a name for himself. 

The 24-year-old was the 2018 MVP of the AA Eastern League. One season later, he’s tearing up AAA pitching. 

One of the Blue Jays’ top prospects– Biggio enters the week batting .315 with 6 home runs. 

Cavan is becoming a household name among Bisons and Blue Jays fans.

However, most baseball fans recognize his last name immediately. Craig Biggio, Cavan’s father, spent 20 seasons in the big leagues and was inducted into the Hall of Fame.  

Cavan spent his childhood roaming big league fields, slipping in and out of clubhouses and watching his dad from a perch inside the Houston Astros’ dugout. 

“I was around the game at the highest level for 12 years,” Cavan said. “I didn’t really realize it until I got here and I think from that standpoint I had a leg up on guys.”   

Bring your kids to work day was a common thing for the Biggio’s. Cavan and his older brother Conor were regulars at the ballpark. 

“My dad would always tape both wrists with white tape and he would have a Rawlings wristband over the left tape. When me and my brother would get there(to the stadium) he would tape our wrists and we would put the #7 wristband on our left arm. We wanted to be just like our dad.”

Cavan spent so much time at the ballpark that he landed a job as the Astros’ bat boy which kept him busy during the games but there was a little too much down time before games. The only thing standing between young boys and mischief is opportunity.

Prior to a game in Chigaco, Cavan and his brother became bored with watching batting practice. 

Cavan made a bold decision, against his mother’s wishes, and decided to field fly balls in the Wrigley Field outfield.

“I had my glove on and I run out the right field line and I thinking I’m going to catch a ball and run back to the cage and put it in my brother’s face and say ‘I caught a big league fly ball before you did’. I’m looking at the next pitch and sure enough Sammy Sosa was yelling “heads up! heads up!” and it hit me in the chest and I fall and the next thing I knew Sammy Sosa picked me up in his arms and it’s pretty cool that Sammy Sosa carried me off the field.” 

Cavan’s first time trying to field a fly ball in a major league park didn’t go well but I would expect a much smoother transition when he eventually gets called up to the Blue Jays. 

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