Jeff Skinner talks after inking 8-year deal with Sabres

Buffalo Sabres

Buffalo Sabres forward Jeff Skinner met with the media Tuesday afternoon to discuss his new 8-year contract with the team.

When asked why Buffalo was the right fit, Skinner had this to say, “A number of things, I think when you go through this process., you kind of try to weigh what’s important to you, and then within in that list of things that’s important to you, you weigh the pros and cons within an organization. For me the top things on my list were all the positive things about Buffalo and right at the top, I want to win, I want to play on a competitive team. I think with the competitive players we have I think that’s a realistic thing to think.” 

Skinner was also asked about why it was important to sign before free agency began, he said, “I think that that’s just the way things worked out, like I said when you weigh the pros and cons, I love it here and I had a great time last year, obviously a little disappointing with the result, but when you’re looking at the overall picture, I had a great time,and a great experience with everything, with my teammates, with the fans, with the community, everyone within the organization, and I just didn’t feel it needed to get to that point because I like it here.”

Skinner said he did talk to new head coach Ralph Krueger on the phone before finishing his decision making, “he’s got a lot of experience in numerous situations that are going to benefit him, but for me the thing that sticks out for me is his excitement to be in Buffalo and his excitement to get things rolling, I think as a player that’s the kind of thing that excites you and when a coach has that it can be kind of infectious and spread from him on down.”

“I think some of the talent that are pretty young and only going to get better, as they grow older, they’re going to mature and they’re going to keep taking next steps” was what Skinner had to say about his confidence in turning things around here with the Sabres.

Next up for the Sabres will be the NHL draft on June 21st which has the Sabres picking seventh overall and closely followed by the start of free agency on July 1st. 

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